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Banana Kong: Check out tips or Android and iOS

In Banana Kong , game for Android and iOS, which is no shortage challenge. The main thing is the competition between friends to know who goes further in this game. But unlike other games, Banana Kongcan be frustrating if the player does not know a few tricks that help improve your chances. This is because of the various different scenarios.
Buy the right improvements
To get far in Banana Kong, you will need to have at your disposal some items with maximum level. Buy all levels of glider, turtle, giraffe and boar. It seems like a lot, but by putting together bananas, you can buy them without really having to spend money.
An important warning, do not buy in a disorderly way. The tip is to buy all levels of glider first. Soon thereafter, those of the boar, followed by the turtle’s levels. Giraffe levels can stay to be purchased last.However, they are essential to get far.
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