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How to play Banana Kong

Controls are simple: jumping, the most important element of the gamebanana kong download , is accomplished by tapping your device, and if you want to glide a few feet, hold your finger down for a quick second. Collecting bananas is the goal, as they help increase the levels of your energy bar, which is located on the upper left hand corner of your device. Once the bar is filled, swipe your finger from left to right and Banana Kong will power dash through barriers and gain distance from the banana avalanche. Although power dashing is necessary to survive, my go to move is jumping from flower to flower it’s a great way to get a little elevation.
Running, jumping, and avoiding smashing into walls aren’t the only physical activities available for Banana Kong, as he can ride a boar or fly on a toucan to get around the jungle. Riding these animals speeds up the game in a heartbeat, and thankfully there are very few moments where you’ll lose concentration or simply get bored while you’re avoiding crocodiles, rolling logs, or piranhas.
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The new Banana Kong update

Banana Kong banana kong download, the endless runner game published by FDG Entertainment now available in all regions on the App Store, has managed to become quite popular, having been downloaded 70 million times since its release back in February 2013. To celebrate this outstanding result, the team has confirmed that they will soon release a new big update for the game.
The new Banana Kong update improves “save game” reliability with data redundancy system in addition to iCloud support, which was added by the game’s previous (and first) update. The new version of Banana Kong is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a new $0.99 download. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later. “If you’re looking for a more challenging side-scroller,” wrote Ramy in his review of the game here on AppAdvice, “you’re going to find what you’re looking for with Banana Kong.” For other recent news concerning other notable endless running games.
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Banana Kong exciting cheats

The gorilla can bust through spider webs and barrels. While running through barrels, spider webs and bats will slow the gorilla down.
Press and hold the screen to glide it is a great way to avoid piranha-infested waters. banana kong download
Once your power meter is full, swipe to the right to perform a power dash. This super move sends the gorilla through objects, including stone and airplane wreckage.
Hitch rides on animals and make use of their abilities.
-The gorilla can bust through spider webs and barrels. Anything else results in instant death.
-Tap once to jump. Press and hold the screen to glide. It’s a great way to avoid piranha-infested waters.
-Collect bananas to fill the power meter. Once full, swipe to the right to perform a power dash. This super move sends the gorilla through objects, including stone and airplane wreckage.
-You can only enter the cave with a power dash. Look for a boarded up cave entrance.
-Hitch rides on animals and make use of their signature abilities. The Toucan, for example, can fly, while the Boar smashes through everything.
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Banana Kong: Basic Game Plays

Before we start getting into the tips, we will go over some the basics to help you understand the different zones and movements. As the game updates with more content, we will follow up with Banana Kong downloadas well. So please check back often!
Movement Tips
Power dash can destroy the obstacles.
Swiping down let you move down the different layers as well as quick drop while jumping.
Swiping down on the flower will help you bounce higher on tree tops and flower tops.
You will need to use power dash when the banana tide gets too close you.
Jumping off the vine near the end will give you banana boost. You will have to try it a couple of times to get the timing.
Getting into other areas
Jungle: This is your starting zone. You can ride the toucan while dodging fishes and other obstacles.
Tree Trop: Use power dash while hanging on the vine. In this area you mainly have to time your jumps to handle the tree top areas. However, you will have to upgrade your glide and giraffe ability to stay on the tree.. You will not die in tree top but rather send you back to the jungle level.
Cave: Power dash into the blocked caves. You can ride the boar in this zone. The boar can survive different obstacle hits. However, the banana tide can still kill you while on the boar. You want to use dash consistently to crush the obstacles without hurting your HP.
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Let ‘s play Banana Kong!

Let ‘s play Banana Kong!

Run, jump, bounce and swing on vines as you help Banana Kong to outrun a huge banana avalanche! Keep full control with highly responsive single-finger tap and swipe controls.
Ride the boar or fly with the toucan to overcome dangerous obstacles like massive boulders, crocodiles, piranhas and boiling lava. Nature can be a cruel enemy…

Banana Kong
Banana Kong

Banana Kong is an online Adventure game which can be played at for free. Banana Kong has a rating of 4.4 (out of 5) and it is played 1672606 times now. Please go to our Adventure games section if you want to play more games like Banana Kong!

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Banana Kong is great !

While you’re jumping through the forest you will be able to run faster than your friends! Thanks to the fully integrated service game you can see the most distant friends to your right in the game. Then you can compare your high scores and unlock achievements while improving your playing style.
In Banana Kong, running is not always enough, you might have to fly or swim in certain parts of the game.
Banana Kong
Banana Kong
It can also mean taking up a toucan to bring to the sky, where there are other obstacles to avoid, or you may have to dive into the water and pass crocodiles and piranhas.
Wish you luck, I believe you will succeed!