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Banana Kong: Check out tips or Android and iOS

In Banana Kong , game for Android and iOS, which is no shortage challenge. The main thing is the competition between friends to know who goes further in this game. But unlike other games, Banana Kongcan be frustrating if the player does not know a few tricks that help improve your chances. This is because of the various different scenarios.
Buy the right improvements
To get far in Banana Kong, you will need to have at your disposal some items with maximum level. Buy all levels of glider, turtle, giraffe and boar. It seems like a lot, but by putting together bananas, you can buy them without really having to spend money.
An important warning, do not buy in a disorderly way. The tip is to buy all levels of glider first. Soon thereafter, those of the boar, followed by the turtle’s levels. Giraffe levels can stay to be purchased last.However, they are essential to get far.
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Thứ Ba, 17 tháng 1, 2017

Gameplay in Banana Kong mod

According to the share of those who play more, the game also has a variety of settings including the beach rather than native forests.
When playing this game, how to exit full screen swipe from the top edge is down. Banana Kong
Game’s screen uncle fled from avalanche mountain gorillas bananas, though along the way … still gorilla eating bananas.
While running, tap the screen to jump gorilla, gorilla hold inflate even flying a short (in the photo), even if the bar is full of energy on the left corner, the gorilla can jet when they I swipe right.
In addition to jumping up and down or run out of jet for avalanche mountain gorilla constantly have to avoid all obstacles and dangers on the road such as boulders, streams and wild animals if not killed.
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Thứ Ba, 10 tháng 1, 2017

Gameplay in Banana Kong mod

In Banana Kong Hack game, gorilla will run continuously, you help him flying with leaves, twigs dance or ball, swing a skilled and accurate way to overcome the obstacles in the game offline. Also you can help him to become familiar with other animals such as birds Toucan, wild boar … riding on the backs of those who banjm they will help you overcome the other obstacles that.
Really interesting, right? And will be more interesting when you own the Banana Kong game for androdi hack. Do not hesitate any longer without experiencing even come hack.
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Thứ Năm, 5 tháng 1, 2017

Overview of Banana Kong game hack

I must say this is the most fun game I’ve ever met in the endless running genre game. In Banana Kong game, you will be transformed into lovely gorilla, my uncle loved around the world, extremely naughty and loves bananas. In the journey to discover the world around them, pay us constantly collects bananas to help pay faster, better and become familiar with many other friends.
But the journey is not that simple, there are many obstacles that we will have to pass notes like rocks in the way, the water crocodile lurking at any time can also work to eat meat of our monkeys. And with theBanana Kong hack game here, whether you will take note how far away gorillas? Try it now !!!
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Banana Kong hack function

This is a very fun game about monkeys love bananas. Let us engage in the world of monkeys with the Banana Kong game for android hack
Banana Kong is a pretty fun game as we mentioned above, and to make fun of just cheer up without any reduction should not hack too much, so the version for android hack only help Banana Kong you have unlimited money only, you can buy anything you like, but the gameplay will remain unchanged so as not to become boring game away.
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