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Buy red hearts and win gold

Red and yellow hearts in Banana Kong have similar functions, “revived” after a fall gorilla. But the heart of gold allows restore gorilla many times in the same match. Simply have a few hearts.
When starting the game Banana Kong first, you have to spend in the heart of gold, given by the game. If you did, do not worry, you can win some through the tasks proposed by the game. However, remember that they are very rare and should only be used when you have desire to break the record and wanted to go further.
Has red hearts can be purchased with a banana. But red heart can only be used once per battle. Because of this, only buy once. This prevents you from spending unnecessary bananas.
With the tips suggested here can easily reach 10 km, and with the use of yellow and red heart, you will achieve the 16 km or more. Good luck
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