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Banana Kong: Learn how to win bananas in the game

Banana Kong is a casual game for Android and iOS where the player wrestles with friends to see who reaches as far as possible using a friendly gorilla. By purchasing multiple power-ups, the player can reach much further. However, they cost thousands of bananas, the currency used in the game. In this tutorial, you will see tips for picking up many bananas quickly to propel your gorilla and beat your friends.
The suggested tips here do not require the player to make purchases with real money. But the paid package that doubles the amount of bananas collected will quadruple with these tips.
Unlike other games, Banana Kong does not feature many bananas in its main phase. The secret lurks in the underground stage. Through it will be possible to pick up 1500 bananas in a single race. This way, the player can multiply his chances of reaching as far as possible.
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